About us

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We are a dynamic company that builds on decades of experience of senior team members and on the dynamism of young members. We work intensively with young people, university students and recent graduates who help us with the implementation of tasks for clients. Each young member of the team is assigned a senior who manages his activities. Entering work, reporting and supplementing information is all implemented in the Jira environment. Through this process, we teach young team members defined activities. Whether it is automation itself or any other activity. The advantage of handing over tasks in the Jira environment is primarily in the complete tracking of the entire communication, in which the young member asks the senior about any ambiguities and everything is exchanged at the level of the ticket to which the given topic relates. Of course, working with young people places high demands on senior team members, especially in the ability to Analyze the problem, Decompose the problem into sub-units, Discuss sub-units, Assemble the entire solution together, Present the solution to the customer. This process is experienced internally and we are able to teach it to our customers, either by having our senior work temporarily on the customer's premises, in which he leads a team of people, or the customer lends his people to us and they work with us on tasks for the given customer.